Corporate Sustainability Plans

Terrapass can help you with the emission reduction goals that are part of your corporate sustainability plan. From measuring to managing to marketing, terrapass is experienced in helping companies of all sizes take steps to reduce their carbon footprints today.



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TerraPass provides the highest quality Carbon Offsets, Renewable Energy Certificates and Green-e products to enable companies, both large and small, to understand and take responsibility for their climate impact. Businesses and industries such as aviation, corporate initiatives, consumer programs, and employee engagement can help reduce overall impact. All our services are designed to protect the long term health of your business.

Reducing emissions means increased profits in companies large and small. According to a report by the CDP and WWF, a 3% annual reduction in the US corporate sector emissions can result in $190 billion in savings within 7 years.


Discover ways to increase efficiency and reduce risk. Carbon accounting is a tool that can be used across departments to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by valuing carbon inefficiencies uniformly. Knowing what and where your carbon emissions come from help identify both risk and opportunity.

Assess your carbon emissions to create a baseline, set goals, and create steps to reduce your emissions. Remember that reductions can take time, so plan accordingly, and remember that incremental reductions are moving towards the goal.


Make an impact today. Carbon offsets and RECs reduce greenhouse gas emissions now and can help your company reduce its overall impact immediately. TerraPass offers a wide variety of projects to not only support your emission reduction but to also address water meeting your larger sustainability goals.

Think ahead. You have an opportunity to set your company up for future success by staying ahead of growing environmental concerns. Assume a positive stance now, and avoid having to play catch-up later. Sustainability is a safe bet.


Stakeholder engagement is an important part of meeting your emission reduction goals. From creating top management buy-in to communicating your purchase to customers, TerraPass can help at every step.

Organizations that purchase carbon offsets and RECs through TerraPass are eligible to become a TerraPass Carbon Balanced Business Partner. Badges come in three levels indicating the amount of carbon emissions reduced. The Badge Partner Program includes additional benefits, such as mentions on social media, collateral to show your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint, and a listing on the TerraPass website.

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