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Product Profile: Green WeddingsAh, wedding season! A time of year when love birds come together to make a formal commitment to one another, in front of all the people they love who have come from near and far to celebrate their most special union. Everyone gets dressed up, dines on delicious fare, and makes merry to honor the beginning of a new, beautiful marriage.

It’s all so lovely. Until the florists and party planners and wait staff have to clean up the mess left behind. Not to mention the mess you can’t see in the form of energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.Product Profile: Green Weddings The average wedding in the U.S. (of which there are MILLIONS annually) creates about 400 to 600 pounds of garbage and emits 62 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Not exactly something to love.

And while there are sustainable steps you can take (skip the flowers, no confetti, only serve local food, buy a second-hand dress, etc.) that will deliver a smaller carbon footprint for your big day, there are some things you just can’t avoid or aren’t willing to forego. For those things that simply must happen (drinks poured, food delivered and served, honeymoon taken, etc.), there’s one simple solution: the Green Wedding Carbon Offset package from terrapass. This package takes into account the number of people attending your wedding, and it balances out the emissions the big day produces by supporting projects that directly lower carbon emissions and preserve fresh water in the environment. Product Profile: Green Weddings

The terrapass green wedding process is simple! You simply input the number of guests you expect and then determine the elements of the wedding you’d like to offset. With three packages to choose from (Silver, Gold or Diamond), you can account for everything from the number of drinks per person to your honeymoon travel. Terrapass then calculates the unique number of carbon offsets needed to make your soiree carbon neutral.  Click here for more details and to calculate the carbon cost of your wedding.

Product Profile: Green WeddingsIf you have more “save the dates” than you can count, the Green Wedding Carbon Offset package makes for an excellent, off-the-registry gift. Even if the weddings you’re attending aren’t super sustainable, you’ll arrive knowing you’ve done something to show your love for the environment (and for the newlyweds!)

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