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Words of wisdom for bike commuters old and new

Today is National Bike to Work Day.* So bike to work.

Or if it’s raining, like it is in New York, consider postponing your ride. The Commute by Bike blog recently ran a very sensible slacker’s guide to bike commuting for people who aren’t trying to win the Tour de France. Among the tips:

* Skip the bike when the weather is nasty.
* Wear normal clothes. The only bits of cycling gear I wear are a helmet and strap for my pant leg, and even the latter is expendable. In a pinch, just roll up your cuff.
* Ditch the repair kit. Bring a cell phone instead.
* Use lights that run on generators. Better yet, install a REELIGHT battery-less lighting system.
* Pick the easiest –meaning flattest — route.

All good advice, because the biggest obstacles to bike riding are often psychological. Which brings me to this suggestion for long-time cyclists, also from the Commute by Bike blog: invite a coworker along for the ride, or organize a convoy. It might take you a bit out of your way, but it will pay off in camaraderie. Besides, if you can get enough people biking to your workplace, then you can lobby for goodies such as showers and secure parking.

\* BTW day was yesterday if you happen to live in San Francisco. What’s up with that?

(The photo of an actual bike commuter was taken during a recent trip to Amsterdam by friend of TerraPass and awesome photographer Dana Underwood.)

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