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wikiHow on how to buy a carbon offset

wikihow.gifCongrats to the team at wikiHow for using TerraPass to offset the carbon emissions from running their web site, commuting, business travel, and office operations. If you’re not familiar with wikiHow, it’s a remarkable site that offers a “how to” on just about everything. My favorite: “How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs.” There are many other useful pages (18,000+ articles and counting)– among them a new featured piece on “How to Buy a Carbon Offset.”

Once wikiHow became aware of its carbon footprint, the management went a step further and switched to energy-saving web servers and closed its San Francisco office in favor of running the site from borrowed offices, home, and cafes. No more commuting; just nice bike rides around town. With 4 million unique visitors per month and an efficiently staffed collaborative writing process, wikiHow presents a vision of a low-carbon future.

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