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What do the IPCC and Kevin Bacon have in common?

chec.gifSix degrees is both the outer edge of the IPCC’s predicted temperature increase by the end of this century (in °C) and the popular game of measuring the connections between the “Footloose” star and every Hollywood actor.

TerraPass has partnered with the good folks at Children’s Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC) to reduce degrees of climate change and the links between protecting our climate and our children’s health. CHEC dedicates itself to preventing children from being exposed to toxic, man-made chemicals. Erin Brockovitch is CHEC’s Director of Environmental Research, and the organization’s advisory board has more stars than a summer night in San Francisco. Some may scoff at Hollywood causes, but CHEC has harnessed the work of leading doctors and scientists to protect our children’s health and environment, and leveraged the star power of their supporters to raise awareness.

CHEC’s CEO, Christopher Gavigan organized a five-star Hollywood event last Thursday night in Los Angeles. TerraPass offset the emissions from the 300-person dinner honoring William McDonough for his environmental leadership, Dr. Philip Landrigan for his lifetime achievements, and Arianna Huffington for her citizenship.

The goal of our partnership with CHEC is to highlight the link between the impacts of climate change and our children’s future. Children are especially vulnerable to local air pollution. Clean energy, such as wind power, not only displaces carbon dioxide, which has an impact on our global environment, but also a number of other harmful particulates and noxious gases that affect our local environment.

Update: As Philip points out below, it’s actually six degrees C, not F. We blame our error on sleep deprivation and promise to sleep more.

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