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We poached salmon in the dishwasher

*This post was co-authored with Sasha Batz-Stern.*

The holidays are often a time for families to enjoy special meals together, including trying new recipes that might not fit into a busy work and school schedule. That’s what we did this week when we poached a piece of salmon in the dishwasher.

We got the idea from *Food Detectives* — an entertaining TV show in which host Ted Allen and his team conduct serious kitchen experiments while offering humorous commentary. The poached salmon recipe is simple:

– Place salmon on small sheet of foil
– Drizzle 1 TB of olive oil, juice of half a lemon, and salt & pepper onto fish.
– Wrap up tightly in foil and place packet in top rack of a full dishwasher.
– Add detergent, close door, and push start.
– When cycle is complete (about 1 hour), open dishwasher, retrieve packet, unwrap, and serve.

Watch our results here:

Not only was the salmon delicious, but the cooking technique prevented carbon emissions that would have occurred had we used our gas stove. The dishwasher already needed to be run and the fish could be poached at the same time.

Our experiment has made us wonder if there are other ways to double-up when we use appliances. For example, what else could we put in the toaster oven while we’re making toast for breakfast? Or could we steam something while we’re boiling water for tea? The carbon savings won’t be huge, but as we have shown, sensitivity to energy inputs and outputs in the kitchen can lead to some tasty meals.

Take the first step.

Start small. Be conscious of the impact your actions have on the environment and figure out what you can do to lessen the blow. Calculate, conserve, and offset.

For businesses, our Corporate Sustainability Plans can help you with your emission reduction goals.

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