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Wanted: one grass eating animal

What uses 800 million pounds of gas every year and produces up to 5% of US air pollution?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the answer is 54 million Americans and their lawn mowers. In terms of CO2 the number isn’t so high (around 87 lbs per year for the average mower), but this is more than made up for by all the other pollutants (hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and others) that come out gas mowers, which were for many years unregulated.

Awareness of this problem led TerraPass newsletter reader Julie to write to us this week. The subject of the email, “I need a grass eating animal,” made sure it was opened.

> I’m looking for a small grass eating animal with suitable grazing habits. A well manicured lawn is my primary goal and quality free range meat is my secondary goal. I live on 1.5 acres, half of which is grassy and fenced.

So Julie, if you can restrain your carnivorous instincts, here’s my suggestion: provides listings of local grass-munchers that you can rent.

Anybody else able to help out here?

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