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Truckers rally to demand…something

I can’t even really count the ways this doesn’t make any sense:

> A caravan of horn-honking truck drivers rolled their rigs through Washington yesterday, protesting rising gasoline costs and demanding that Congress impose caps on prices at the pump…

> Demonstrators held signs, some of which read “Higher Fuel Means Higher Everything” and “No Gas, No Soccer: What Comes First? Kids or Gas?” When their leaders demanded governmental intervention, the truckers chanted “Now! Now!”

Silly season is well under way, with politicians of all stripes promising meaningless action on gas prices. It’s depressing. It’s also why passing climate change legislation remains so damned hard. Remember: low gas prices or the environment. Choose one.

There are, of course, distributive effects to higher gas prices. In this case, those effects are hitting one particular group of people hard, and naturally we should be sympathetic to their plight. But that sympathy doesn’t extend to supporting disastrous energy policies.

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