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TreeHugger on the ScanGauge: tames teenage drivers

John Laumer at TreeHugger recently put the ScanGauge II car computer through its paces. The first phase of the test was one of the most grueling journeys known to man: a cross-country trip with teenage drivers. The device performed admirably from installation to destination:

> Taking turns driving on our cross country trip, I were able to demonstrate at our rest stops, with hard numbers, who the most efficient drivers were and who the least efficient drivers were. Let us just say there were some grimaces and no argument about the costs and benefits of cautious, slow acceleration.

That by itself would seem to justify the purchase, but John notes that the gas savings will also quickly cover the ScanGauge’s cost. Further experiments with the device have helped John’s family coax better mileage out of the family sedan.

For gearheads, the ScanGauge offers the useful ability to monitor your car’s on-board error codes. Read John’s full review here. It’s worth checking out the comments from other satisfied owners. You can also read our original review here.

And, of course, buy a ScanGauge here.

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