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Trams that run on grass

This isn’t what you think.

Monocle Magazine recently offered up 25 examples of good urban design, many of which have a green-ish tinge. Example #5 is the humble tram:

> There’s something quite magical about watching trams in Barcelona, Strasbourg or Frankfurt glide silently along beds of grass as they do their city circuit. Where possible, this attractive combination of efficient public transport and inspired landscaping should be standard as part of the urban fabric.

Gliding silently on beds of grass? The article doesn’t include any pictures, but Google is here to help:

This is, how you say, quite cool. More images here. More urban design goodness here.

**Update:** I’m going to work a tricky maneuver called the reverse hat tip. Inhabitat picked up this post and turned it into a way better post, with loads of pics and a more thorough explanation. Check it out.

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