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The greenest monster: buy me some locally grown peanuts and organic crackerjacks


Baseball fans everywhere* agree that the Red Sox are the greatest team in the history of the game and will remain so until the end of time. But now they have another reason to be excited about the franchise:

Red Sox executives announced yesterday that Fenway Park is joining the green revolution through a partnership with a national environmental group aimed at reducing the 95-year-old ballpark’s “ecological footprint.”

For fans, that may mean drinking beer out of plastic cups made with corn starch, finding locally grown, organic foods at the ballpark’s concession stands, and maybe even a new tradition – a fifth inning recycling stretch.

I admit that this news contrasts rather jarringly with my memories of sitting in bleacher seats as a kid and watching drunks from Southie bat around inflatable sex toys in lieu of beach balls. The times, they are a-changing…

(Via Grist.)

* Stat based on informal survey of my immediate neighbors. Survey results may reflect some sample bias, but should nevertheless be regarded as completely accurate.

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