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The Green 50: From skateboards to graveyards, Inc. surveys the eco-biz landscape

Inc. profiles 50 of the greeniest companies in the land — or rather, “50 of the most intriguing companies that are helping to drive today’s green revolution,” whatever that might be. It’s a fun list that ranges from biofuels to burgers, with a few interesting finds among the more familiar contenders.

A sampling:

  • Memorial Ecosystems assures you a green hereafter. Developers of the first green cemetery, Memorial aims to reduce the 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid Americans bury each year.
  • Southwest Windpower makes turbines for the average Joe. Small enough to power a single house, the turbines may soon be available in Home Depot.
  • Taking a cue from Terrablog readers, Inc. lauds New Belgium Brewery for offering a more ecologically sensitive way to get drunk.
  • TerraPass already uses Interface carpeting on our office floor. Perhaps we should move our web site over to Affordable Internet Services Online, an ISP run entirely on solar power. Most businesses that run on renewables are purchasing credits to offset their own electricity use. AISP actually has a roof full of solar panels to keep their servers humming.

Check out the complete list, and let us know what your favorite is.

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