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The better business bureau: dozens of businesses offset their emissions through TerraPass

partnerpage.jpgA growing number of companies are stepping up to take action on climate change by balancing their corporate emissions through TerraPass. Early adopters such as Patagonia, Miōn Footwear, Skoll Foundation, Pair Networks, 3form, and many others recognize that their customers and employees are looking to them for leadership on climate change.

Some are choosing to offset all emissions from employee car travel, air travel, and electricity use. Some are getting started in a smaller way by buying TerraPasses for the mobile salesforce. Others are using TerraPass to offset the climate change impact of specific conferences or events.

You’ll recognize these companies by the look in their employees’ eyes — the one that says, “my company cares about me and the planet.” They drive to important client meetings with TerraPasses on their cars. They take off for business trips with TerraPass luggage tags attached to their bags. They have TerraPass emissions calculators on their company intranet.

Their customers are easy to spot too. They are blog readers like you — they have switched a light bulb, unplugged their cell phone chargers, and taken public transportation to work. They seek products and services that satisfy their low-carbon diets.

These companies range from consumer products, to investment management, to law, to technology, and they are implementing programs before most of their competitors are using the words “cow” and “power” in the same sentence.

Check out our partners page, see what others are doing, and then engage your company in this effort.

Change begins with you. Five things you can do:

  1. Create a company forum for sharing energy efficiency ideas.
  2. Reduce air travel — cut out unnecessary flights, bundle multiple client visits on the same itinerary.
  3. Encourage company carpooling and sharing information on the best public transit routes.
  4. Include carbon calculations in your expense reports.
  5. Offset the emissions you can’t reduce to zero.
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