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TerraPass member wins race with 124 mpg

Hypermiling is all about making the gallon of gas go further… a lot further in some cases. All of us at TerraPass offer our congratulations to hypermiler Jack Martin. On June 7, Jack won the 21st Century Automotive Challenge competition by achieving a driving efficiency of 124 miles per gallon over a 143 mile course in his Honda Insight. Yep, 143 miles with just over gallon of gas. (Notice the TerraPass on his prize-winning vehicle.)

Adam has in the past wondered if hypermilers are in fact clinically insane. This was a comment on reports of a man who wore an ice vest rather than turn on the A/C. Suddenly with today’s gas prices it doesn’t seem all that bad an idea.

And there’s plenty to learn from these practitioners of 100+ mpg. A visit to reminds us that the first step to reducing energy use is to measure it. Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve been trying to get you to the buy the Scangauge these last few months! But if you don’t want to spend the $159.95 on this handy tool, instead simply note down your mileage every time you fill up with gas. It’s an easy way to understand your average mpg.

One you’re measuring, start reducing. I asked Jack for his top three tips. He tells me:

> 1. We can take control. We are the ones who require transport. We can eliminate/reduce/consolidate/share trips. Plan with better efficiency in mind. THINK!
2. We can change our behavior. The most fertile ground lies between our ears — hyperconsiousness connecting our values with driving => 30% increase in mpg NOW!
3. We can make a difference — in our pocketbook, in business, in our relationships with others, our security, the environment- you only need one (we do not need to completely agree) whatever motivates you, the results are widespread. DO!

Have some more suggestions? Add them in the comments section below.

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