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TerraPass hits 100,000

It happened on January 16th at 6:40pm Pacific Standard Time: Heraldo Botelho, of Palo Alto, CA, purchased a flight offset for his upcoming trip to visit his family in Brazil.

This is Heraldo’s first time buying a TerraPass. He told us:

I worry about the environment, but I still wanted to visit my family. I wanted to do something about the carbon emissions that causes: the only option is flying in airplanes and that wastes a lot of fuel.

Heraldo, 30, bikes every day to his job in customer support at a software company. But, as he rightly points out, “I can’t bike back to Brazil — yet”.

So until that day, TerraPass will be working hard so that our customers have a surefire way to balance out their energy use with verifed carbon reductions. We offer our thanks to Heraldo and to the thousands of you who have helped TerraPass catch on and grow each year.

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