Your Sustainability Plan: A Bridge to 2020

Reducing emissions is driving profits in companies large and small. According to a report by the CDP and WWF a 3% annual reduction in the US corporate sector emissions can result in $190 billion in saving by 2020.


Practical, actionable, implementable: The Bridge to 2020


Sustainability plans generally take several years to implement, yet companies are producing emissions today. Sustainability managers are often faced with the want to reduce emissions now, but the inability to implement immediate solutions. Build a bridge to 2020 with TerraPass. Use carbon offsets to reduce your impact today while you implement your long term emission reduction projects.


Offsets, RECs and Your Sustainability Plan


Discover ways to increase efficiency and reduce risk. Carbon accounting is a tool that can be used across departments to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by valuing carbon inefficiencies uniformly. Knowing what and where your carbon emissions are helps to identify both risk and opportunity. Carbon offsets and RECS reduce emissions today, while a sustainability plan creates a roadmap to lower emissions tomorrow.

Build your Bridge:


Plan: Assess your carbon emissions to create a baseline, set goals, and create steps to reducing your emissions. Remember that reductions can take time, so plan accordingly and remember that incremental reductions are moving forward towards the goal.


Reduce with offsets: Make an impact today. Carbon offsets reduce ghg emissions today, and can help your company reduce its impact immediately.


Implement solutions: Everyone can reduce their carbon emissions. Projects can include energy efficiency, smarter business travel, renewable energy purchases and employee engagement.


Reduce total emissions: As your company reduces total emissions, reduce the amount of offsets purchased.