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Social entrepreneurship inspiration

ashoka samplerAt the 2005 Skoll Forum for social entrepreneurship in London, we had the pleasure of meeting quite a few people from Ashoka, an excellent group dedicated to advancing social entrepreneurship around the world.

While selling carbon offsets is a long way from the trials of alleviating poverty in Bangladesh, the stories of other entrepreneurs struggling in far less favorable climates has always inspired us.

Now those stories can be heard by anyone with a DVD player. Ashoka has just released a sixteen-part DVD series that chronicles the insights, advice and inspiring stories of the premier social innovators around the world. The global leaders featured in the films include Grameen Bank’s Muhammad Yunus, Social Accountability International’s Alice Tepper Marlin, The Ethos Institute’s Oded Grajew, Transparency International’s Peter Eigen, BRAC’s Fazle Abed, and Ashoka’s own founder and CEO, Bill Drayton.

You can catch some preview clips online, and pick up the entire series for $39.95. This price is for a limited time only. The full price is $240, so if you’re interested, don’t delay.

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