PrintOffering a premium selection of Craft Raised Salmon, Skuna Bay is made possible by its small group of experienced and passionate farmers. Dedicated to raising salmon in their natural ocean environment, the farms of Skuna Bay are located in an isolated region off the coast of Vancouver Island. Here glacier fed waters, strong tidal currents and ideal salinity combine to provide perfect waters for raising good fish.

Using a completely recyclable, patented packaging exclusive to Skuna Bay and a unique method of inspecting, selecting, hand cleaning and packing allows their salmon to be delivered in perfect condition to chefs so they can experience the same fish as it was when pulled out of the ocean by its farmers. The farmers of Skuna Bay are proud of their role as environmental stewards and therefore have committed to offsetting all carbon emissions produced in the shipping of their salmon to the marketplace.

Skuna Bay and TerraPass

Skuna-Footprint-LogoSkuna Bay has partnered with TerraPass to balance all emissions created by their freight shipping. Funding emission reductions projects allows Skuna Bay to protect the environment while meeting the growing global demand for fresh seafood. Now every salmon sent to Skuna Bay customers travel completely carbon neutral, the only salmon farmers in the world to do that! Together we are making a difference.

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