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Skiing to the North Pole

TerraPass is pleased to partner with Forward Expeditions by providing verified carbon offsets for its Victorinox North Pole ’09 expedition. These offsets balance out the emissions from all air and car travel, hotel room nights, and meals related to travel prior to the expedition, as well as the fuel used during the expedition itself.

Forward Expeditions founders, John Huston and Tyler Fish, began their historic journey on March 2, aiming to become the first Americans to complete an unsupported ski trek to the North Pole. Traveling by skis and snowshoes, Huston and Fish receive no outside assistance such as airdrops or re-supplies on this Expedition. Instead, they each carry 30-pound packs and pull heavy sleds full of all the gear, food, cooking fuel and navigational equipment they need for the two-month trek.

On April 8 they reached the midpoint, with 208 nautical miles left to trek. Throughout this expedition, John and Tyler have endured many days of -40° to -60° F temperatures as they negotiated their way through vast, jumbled masses of sea ice.

Huston and Fish founded their expedition company for the purpose of using ambitious wilderness expeditions to inspire people to embrace challenge with optimism, humility and responsible action. The Victorinox North Pole ’09 expedition is an endeavor of Forward Expeditions and receives major support from Victorinox/Swiss Army, DeLorme, and Bergans of Norway.

They have undertaken this challenge to raise awareness and funds for CaringBridge, a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization that creates supportive online communities for people facing serious medical conditions.

In the year and a half leading up to this venture, the explorers traveled around the country talking with schools and other audiences about a variety of topics including climate change, which has profound effects on northern ecosystems.

You can learn more about this incredible expedition and read John and Tyler’s expedition blog at

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