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Sign the ‘gas tax holiday’ petition

We take a keen interest in politics as they relate to climate change, and recently we’ve written a bit about the “gas tax holiday” being proposed and endorsed by Senators Clinton and McCain. Unsurprisingly, we think this gas tax holiday is a Really Bad Idea, even if we recognize that the media coverage has become a little overblown.

But probably worse than the proposal itself is the fact that our political leaders (and possible presidents) feel that they can reap electoral rewards by playing games with climate and energy policy. They need to hear loud and clear from their constituents that these panders are simply not what the world needs right now. We could write them on behalf of TerraPass, but we think it will be much more effective if we ask our members and anyone else who shares our interest in sending this message to get involved.

So we’ve launched our first-ever bit of political action with our petition to “say no to the gas tax holiday.” Please join us in letting Senators McCain and Clinton know that you want them to pull their support for this idea. It will only take a couple seconds. And of course, please pass the petition along to like-minded citizens who are concerned about the environment and America’s energy security.

Sign the gas tax holiday petition.

Update: pandering state legislators launch their own counter-petition.

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