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Second cohort of projects enters comment period

Last month, we saw seven projects successfully go through the TerraPass comment period. To our knowledge, we’re the only carbon offset company to incorporate public stakeholder input into our project selection process.


A new engine will generate clean energy from landfill gas at Worcester County Landfill.

Today we’re adding two more projects to the mix: a brand new landfill gas to energy project in Maryland and a cow power project in upstate New York. Sharpen your pencils, and let us know what you think after reading the reports on the two new projects.

A special thanks for your comments. Based on feedback from the last comment period, we’ve adjusted our Project Information Reports to include reporting on the negative environmental impacts of these projects, such as the concrete and steel used in a dairy digester. As we did last time, we’ll summarize and respond to the comments we receive and if appropriate adjust our practices. With your help TerraPass will continue to lead the charge for quality in the carbon offset market.

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