The Host Committee’s Official Sustainability Partner terrapass is helping us carbon balance our activities around Super Bowl 50.
Terrapass can help you do so as well.

Terrapass will supply you with Carbon Offsets and BEF Water Restoration Certificates® that mitigate the emissions created by electricity, natural gas, and water usage associated with your involvement. In addition, with every purchase made, a donation will be given to San Francisco Carbon Fund to support the local Urban Sprouts project.

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Kick-off: 50 CO2e (mT) + 25,000 gallons of water (WRC®)
Field Goal: 100 CO2e (mT) + 50,000 gallons of water (WRC®)
Touchdown: 500 CO2e (mT) + 250,000 gallons of water (WRC®)

All preset packages also include 10% donation to the SF Carbon Fund.

The Host Committee has made a commitment to deliver a “Net Positive” game this year – socially, environmentally and economically, with their goal to be the most shared, most participatory and most giving Super Bowl ever.

With your help, we can kick off the Super Bowl and head towards the collective goal of reduced carbon emissions and water preservation!