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Run your big appliances at night

Another tip for keeping your house cool in the summer: run your washing machine, dishwasher, and drier at night. These big appliances throw off a lot of heat, and during the day you’re just going to make your air conditioner work overtime to keep the house cool. Another benefit of using your big appliances at night is that you reduce strain on the electrical grid during peak hours.

**How this helps**

Using appliances when the ambient air is cooler reduces strain on your air conditioner. Avoiding peak power times can also cut your electric bills and spare the air.

**More information**

* Britain kicks off a nighttime dishwasher campaign.

**Related tips**

* Wash your clothes in cold water.
* Skip the dryer — use a clothesline instead.
* Open a window instead of using the A/C when the outside temperature drop below 70° F.

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