Retail Partners

Terrapass has established industry-leading programs for customers and employees of a wide variety of companies and organizations.


To discuss how we can work with you to create a customer offset program, please contact us.



Since January 2008, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo Rent A Car have been offering customers the opportunity to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated from car rentals. This offset program, the largest of its kind in the rental car industry, is the latest addition to the industry’s most comprehensive environmental sustainability platform.


Guardian Energy Technologies is the premier distributor of Foam It Green DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits. We believe there are quick and easy ways you can save money, energy, and have a positive impact on our world. Foam It Green DIY Spray Foam is 100% American-Made and contains no CFCs, VOCs, Penta-BDE’s, Or Urea Formaldehyde. Visit Guardian Energy Technologies online to see how we can help lower your energy costs today., the world’s biggest online travel agent, is now also one of the world’s biggest providers of carbon offsets to individuals. Through an innovative and successful partnership with TerraPass, allows all travelers to offset their flight emissions when they book a plane ticket.


Sustainable Travel International (STI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and outreach services that help travelers and travel providers support environmental conservation and protect cultural heritage while promoting cross-cultural understanding and economic development. In addition to its educational and eco-certification programs, STI provides carbon offset advisory services to a range of clients in the travel industry. Visit STI’s website at



Offering a premium selection of Craft Raised Salmon, Skuna Bay is made possible by its small group of experienced and passionate farmers. Dedicated to raising salmon in their natural ocean environment, the farms of Skuna Bay are located in an isolated region off the coast of Vancouver Island. Here glacier fed waters, strong tidal currents and ideal salinity combine to provide perfect waters for raising good fish. Using a completely recyclable, patented packaging exclusive to Skuna Bay and a unique method of inspecting, selecting, hand cleaning and packing allows their salmon to be delivered in perfect condition to chefs so they can experience the same fish as it was when pulled out of the ocean by its farmers. The farmers of Skuna Bay are proud of their role as environmental stewards and therefore have committed to offsetting all carbon emissions produced in the shipping of their salmon to the marketplace.


Trend Vector Aviation partnered with TerraPass to provide carbon offsets, allowing their clients to fly more sustainably through their EcoTrend program. Trend Vector Aviation provides aircraft charter services; currently with access to over 5,000 private aircraft. Through the use of a private aircraft clients are able to connect with friends and family sooner, reach important business meetings quicker, and do this all on a schedule that works best for them. As a world class luxury travel solutions provider, Trend Vector Aviation is committed to the development of products and services to exceed the demands of our clients. To learn more about Trend Vector Aviation and their EcoTrend program please visit their website


Logicworks, a leading provider of hosting solutions, partnered with TerraPass to offset 100% of the carbon emissions from the servers under its management. By supporting TerraPass’ portfolio of clean energy and emissions reduction projects, Logicworks balances the environmental impact of its electricity use.


NTT America
NTT America offers flexible, cost-effective and quality IT solutions to companies ranging in size from start-ups to global multinationals. Its premier data centers are SAS70 audited and meet Tier II qualifications, and are connected to its own Global Tier 1 Internet Backbone. All this is backed by the financial strength of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Now, its IT solutions are environmentally friendly, too. Through its partnership with TerraPass, NTT America is able to offer its customers a new and innovative way to reduce the carbon footprint of their out-sourced IT solutions, thereby enabling them to meet their own “Green IT” goals.


In an industry not traditionally know for environmental initiatives, 3PAR has carved out a niche based on its green bona fides. 3PAR provisions data centers that are more energy efficient that its competitors, and in 2007 3PAR is offering carbon neutral storage through a partnership with TerraPass.


uShip offers ridesharing for your stuff. This innovative online marketplace for moving and shipping services now comes with a great green option — the ability to choose carbon neutral shipping at no extra charge.


CitationAir by Cessna works with TerraPass to enable their customers to offset carbon dioxide emissions from flying. Founded in 2000 and majority owned and operated by Cessna Aircraft Company, CitationAir is an industry leader offering individuals and businesses the advantages of private jet travel through its innovative fractional ownership, whole-aircraft ownership, supplemental lift and jet card programs. CitationAir operates the youngest fleet in the air by the best pilots in the industry, while setting the standard for safety and customer service. For more information, visit


El Monte RV
El Monte RV is America’s premier RV rental and sales company, with locations across the US! El Monte RV is proud to partner with TerraPass to be the first motorhome rental company to offer its customers the opportunity to offset CO2 emissions from their rental.
GREEN is a lifestyle; sustainability of the environment, healthy living and traveling…. gives today’s eco friendly traveler a place where they can book hotel rooms and vacation packages at thousands of participating hotels throughout the United States. Travelers can choose to offset their hotel stay and vacation carbon footprint by contributing to TerraPass emissions reduction projects.


Omni Air Transport
Omni Air Transport seeks to minimize their impact on the environment by implementing earth-friendly programs throughout the organization. They are constantly seeking to expand their efforts and share our knowledge, enthusiasm and awareness whenever possible.


Simon Pearce
From its beginning 35 years ago, Simon Pearce, a Vermont-based designer of high quality handmade glassware and pottery, has remained committed to supporting local communities and preserving the environment. In 1983, long before being green gained mass attention, Simon installed a hydroelectric turbine in the Mill, the company’s flagship location for its manufacturing, retail and restaurant operations, which continues to power the entire facility. The Simon Pearce Restaurant is a proud member of the Vermont Fresh Network since 1996, and features local ingredients whenever possible to secure the freshest ingredients. Chef Joshua himself drives a Mercedes converted to run off recycled canola oil from the restaurant.


Carbon Neutral Print Productions
Carbon Neutral Print Productions (CNPP) is a program offered to commercial printing companies and their customers that neutralizes the carbon released into the atmosphere during the printing process. The carbon emissions are neutralized through the purchase of carbon offsets through a partnership with TerraPass. Using proprietary software, CNPP is able to calculate the amount of carbon released as a result of each print job in order to procure the necessary offsets. CNPP may be reached at 1 (877) 871-8531 or on the web at


Bankers Warranty Group
Bankers Warranty Group (BWG) is a leading provider of insured extended service plans in North America, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom covering a variety of consumer products including electronics, appliances and personal computers just to name a few. The company supplies value added products and services, which increase customer satisfaction, enhance brand equity, and drive incremental revenue for our clients. BWG differentiates itself in the extended service plan industry by consistently delivering a high quality service experience; offering innovative products and services that increase customer satisfaction; and by maintaining a high degree of customer focus in all that we do. For more information, visit