Project comment response – October 14, 2009

All TerraPass projects undergo a public comment period while they are being evaluated for inclusion in our portfolio, so that the general public can provide feedback and ask questions. Below is TerraPass’ response to the comments received for the City of Charleston Landfill in Charleston, West Virginia.


This project’s comment period was open from August 6 to September 11, 2009. We publicized the open comment period in a blog post, including the blog summary email which was distributed to over 25,000 active recipients. We received six comments during this time.


Five of the comments were statements of general support for the project or the for the technology underlying the project. For example:


“I think it would be a great thing for TerraPass to support the Charleston, WV landfill methane gas capture project. It would bring a couple much needed jobs to the state, provide an alternate source of energy for environmentally conscience residents who otherwise use coal to power there homes, and hopefully inspire more projects like this in the area.”


The sixth comment was a question about the environmental benefits of flaring:


“I admit my ignorance on this, but any combustion process results in waste products. I assume this means they are going to just burn it off for the first phase- hopefully the waste products aren’t as damaging. At least they will eventually put it to good use in 2010.”


Flaring provides an environmental benefit by preventing the emission of methane, a greenhouse gas 84 times as potent as carbon dioxide. Although carbon dioxide is released during the combustion process, these emissions are considered biogenic and therefore do not add to the total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.