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Reducing energy usage — Step #1: measure it

PowerCost home energy monitor available at

Pete: I can show you how to reduce your home electricity bill by up to 20%
You: Yeah right. What do I need to do? Stop watching TV? Never turn on the A/C?
Pete: Actually no. Just monitor your usage… and turn things off when they’re not being used.
You: Of course… but it’s never so easy is it?
Pete: Well actually…

It’s the idea behind the PowerCost monitor that we’ve just added to the TerraPass green store. It watches your home’s electricity meter for you and translates your energy usage into real dollars and cents.

The PowerCost monitor comes in two parts. The first, a sensor, is attached to your electricity meter. It works on all standard residential meters and is easily installed (no electrician required). The sensor sends a wireless signal to a small display unit. You can put this anywhere in the house.

The unit can be configured with your local electricity rates (it can even cope with differing billing systems, including tiered rate and peak/off-peak rates) to show you the amount of money your energy use is costing you at any one time. Watch it get cheaper as you turn off the unwanted items around the house…and that’s how you save.

The average annual Californian residential electricity bill is a little over $1,000. If you can use the PowerCost monitor to cut this by 13%, it will pay for itself inside a year.

I’ll install and review the PowerCost monitor in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, here’s a quote from TerraPass customer David from Boston, MA:

> [The PowerCost monitor] makes you very conscious of what you are doing. And knowing has modified our behavior.

Oh — and shipping’s free until the end of the month (along with all other orders over $75). So buy the PowerCost monitor today and start saving over the electricity-intensive summer season!

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