TIST Program in Kenya

Project Details

Project type : Forestry
Project Location :  Kenya
Standard : VCS



Project Description:

The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST) is a combined reforestation and sustainable development project in Kenya, carried out by subsistence farmers. The farmers plant trees on their land and retain ownership of the trees and their products. They receive training from TIST and a share of the carbon revenues from CAAC. This project description (PD) is for a subset of the TIST project in Kenya and initially applies to 1,649 Small Groups, 10,007 farmers, 6,348 project areas and 2,293.154 ha. The main species planted are Gravellia, Cyprus, and Acacia. TIST farmers use a mosaic restoration approach, planting on thousands of individual farms spread across the landscape. TIST estimates this project will result in as annual average GHG removal of 93,619 tonnes and a total GHG removal of 2,808,565 tonnes.