Farm Power

Project Details

Project type : Farm Power
What they do : Manure from the dairy is fed into an anaerobic digester where the methane is captured and used for energy production.
Where they are : Perry, New York
Portfolio Year : 2008
Standard : CAR
Verifier : SES, Inc.

About the Project

Sunny Knoll Farms is in an area about 40 miles south of Rochester, known for its high concentration of dairy farms. Sunny Knoll participated in the NYSERDA Combined Heat and Power (CHP) program, and have collaborated educational efforts with Cornell University for the Pro-Dairy Program in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering. The third-generation family farm itself sits on approximately 200 acres and is home to 2100 head of cattle, which are housed in three six-row free stall barns.

In the community

The digester helps to mitigate energy cost allowing for the farm to maintain its workforce. This project has the benefits of methane destruction and odor control. In addition this project generates renewable energy and displaces traditional grid power. The farm now separates biosolids to use as animal bedding, replacing the need to ship in sand regularly, and making it more of a closed loop system.