Farm Power

Project Details

Project type : Farm Power
What they do : An anaerobic digester turns manure into fuel for electricity or heat, as well as cow bedding for use on the farm and in the community.
Where they are :  Fennville and Freeport, Michigan (each about an hour from Grand Rapids)
Portfolio Year : 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Standard : Climate Action Reserve (California Climate Action Registry)

About the Project

Houser_sign-300x248Scenic View Dairy I & Brook View Dairy are sister dairies located in Michigan. The dairies, run by various members of the Geerlings family, are on the cutting edge of agriculture emissions reductions project. Scenic View was not only the first dairy in Michigan to install an anaerobic digester, it was also the first project in the United States generating both electricity and pipeline-grade natural gas. Scenic View was the third dairy methane project in Michigan, and was purposely oversized to allow it to accept waste from other nearby dairies and from the community. An additional environmental benefit of the anaerobic digesters is the production of solids or biofibers which are used to replaced sand as the primary bedding source for the cows. This reduces the amount of sand harvesting necessary for the support of dairy farming.

In the community

The dairies have excess capacity in their digesters, they take organic waste from several restaurants and grocery stores in the local community, and is an added benefit of the project.