New River LFG

Project Details

Project type : Landfill Gas Capture
Project Location :  VA
Standard : CAR



Project Description:

 The New River Resource Authority Regional Solid Waste Management Facility is owned and operated by the New River Resource Authority (NRRA) and is located approximately six miles north of the Town of Dublin. The Facility constructed an active LFG collection and control system in Area A during Fall 2007. The LFG control system commenced operation on January 14, 2008. The initial phase of the LFG collection system at the Facility was installed during the fall of 2007 in conjunction with the installation of final cap on portions of Area A. The vertical extraction wells were drilled during August and September 2007 and the LFG collection piping was installed during December 2007. The blower/flare station at the Facility consists of a single Perennial Energy (PEI) 1,250 scfm utility flare, a 1,250 scfm HSI blower. The flare station was installed in December 2007, and commenced operation on 1/14/08.