Holsum Elm Dairy

Project Details

Project type : Farm Power
Project Location :  WI
Standard : CAR



Project Description:

 Holsum Dairies has constructed an anaerobic digester at Holsum Elm to capture methane released from livestock manure. This methane is then used to generate electricity, which is sold to the local utility and used as a heat source on the farm. The digester is a modified plug-flow design of DVO Inc. Solids are separated post digestion using a screw press. The liquid is sent to the post digestion lagoon. Solids are used for bedding. Biogas at Holsum Elm is destroyed in two engine generator sets, a biogas boiler, and two open flares. Biogas flow is monitored on a continuous basis before each combustion device via a Gen-Tec Carbon Catcher and Sage biogas flow meters.