Farm Power

Project Details

Project type : Farm power
What they do : Manure from the dairy is fed into an anaerobic digester where the methane is captured and used for energy production.
Where they are : Krakow, Wisconsin
Portfolio Year : 2007, 2008, 2009
Standard : Climate Action Reserve 
Verifier : SCS Engineers

About the Project

The Green Valley Dairy opened in 2000 in Krakow, Wisconsin. The farm is run by a management partnership, much of whose expertise lies outside of the dairy industry, and as such is recognized as a progressive, non-traditional senior team.

The dairy is home to 2,500 head of cattle, of which some 2,100 are milking cows. That’s a lot of manure. The original manure management system relied on open lagoons, but manure is now managed in an anaerobic digester. The planned hydraulic retention time inside the digester is 25-30 days. The farm is currently using bio-solids — a product of the digester — instead of sand bedding for the cows.

In the community

In addition to improving air quality, eliminating odor, and improving living standards both on the farm and in the neighboring communities, this project’s anaerobic digester output serves as organic, largely pathogen-free nutrients for use as fertilizer and creates an alternative animal bedding product.

Local employment for construction related to the project, installation of equipment, and operation of the project help keep the community thriving, as well as increasing energy independence for the farming sector. This manifests itself both in longer term low energy costs (extending beyond the crediting period) as well as reduced exposure to price risks in energy markets. Continued operation of the dairy farm brings economic benefit to the local community by improving its economic positioning. Project developers have pointed out the economic benefits to the community that result in the farm being able to remain open, including use of local farm products and services in the community.

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