Space view of farm land
Farm Power

Project Details

Project type : Farm Power
What they do : Manure from the dairy is fed into an anaerobic digester where the methane is captured and used for energy production.
Where they are : Outlook, Washington
Portfolio Year : 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Standard : Climate Action Reserve (California Climate Action Registry)
Verifier : CCX

About the Project

The George DeRuyter and Sons Dairy is a large dairy operated in one of the most active dairying counties in the United States. Prior to the project, the manure at this 5,500-cow facility was stored in open lagoons and applied to fields as fertilizer seasonally. In open lagoons manure decomposes anaerobically and results in large amounts of methane emissions. The sale of carbon offsets helped make a digester system financially feasible, and now manure is instead fed into a digester where the methane is captured and used for energy production.

In the community

This project creates an improvement in air quality (e.g., VOC reductions) and elimination of odor in surrounding areas. Digester output serves as organic, largely pathogen-free nutrients for use as fertilizer in the fields. The farm also markets this output as an organic garden additive.

In addition to the environmental benefits the project also created local employment for construction related to the project and the installation of equipment. The project continues to support the local economy through the creation of operational employment and the sale of “Enviromoss,” a branded garden product made from digestate. Finally, this project was the second digester is the state of Washington and helped encourage further uptake of the technology in the state.