Dempsey Ridge Wind Project

Project Details

Project type : Renewable Energy
Project Location :  OK
Standard : VCS



Project Description:

The Dempsey Ridge wind power project consists of the installation of 66 2.0MW turbines on approximately 7,500 acres of agricultural and grazing land. The project’s intent is to generate electricity from renewable sources and therefore to displace electricity that otherwise would have been procured from fossil fuel generation in the absence of the Dempsey Ridge wind farm.

Power Generation:  The Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge will deliver enough clean energy to power more than 46,000 U.S. homes. 

Projected CO2 Emissions Avoided:  Approximately 339,000 tons annually

Economic Development: The Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge will create 13 new full-time local jobs and more than 130 people were employed during the construction phase.