Clinton Landfill #2 Gas Collection and Combustion Project

Project Details

Project type : Landfill Gas Capture
Project Location :  IL
Standard : VCS



Project Description:

 This facility produces 4.8 megawatts per hour of clean energy from landfill methane gas, enough renewable electricity to power more than 5,000 households.  The facility also reduces greenhouse gases by eliminating landfill methane emissions and displacing the use of fossil fuel by producing electricity from a renewable biogas. In total, the emissions savings are equivalent to taking about 40,000 cars off the roads each year.

The project activity is the capture and destruction of methane from the Clinton Landfill #2, via combustion engines. The generated electricity is sold to the local grid. However, the displacement of fossil fuels resulting from this activity is not included in this Project and emission reductions from the offsite use of electricity are not addressed in this project. The project includes an active landfill gas collection system including wells, piping, blowers, meters and valves; a back-up open flare; two 1.6-MW Caterpillar 3520C engine generator sets; gas conditioning equipment; a building to house the generators; and associated interconnection and metering devices. This project creates voluntary emissions reductions over and above those achieved by the gas collection system in the baseline scenario.