Bear Creek Watershed Forest Carbon Project

Project Details

Project type : Forestry
Project Location :  OR
Standard : ACR



Project Description:

The forest carbon project is located within the City of Astoria’s Bear Creek watershed. The watershed is comprised of approximately 3,700 acres of forestland which provides high quality drinking water to city residents.

The City of Astoria entered into a voluntary carbon project that sold carbon credits from the Bear Creek Watershed. The purpose of this forest carbon project was to generate non-timber revenue that diversified income streams from the Bear Creek watershed.

The American Carbon Registry (ACR) was selected as the only registry with a protocol appropriate for Bear Creek Watershed project.   The forest carbon project was developed under ACR’s approved forest carbon methodology – Improved Forest Management Methodology for Quantifying GHG Removals and Emission Reductions through Increased Forest Carbon Sequestration on Non-Federal U.S. Forestlands