Clean the Air for the Miles You Drive

Green Drive is our monthly subscription plan which helps balance your car’s carbon emissions. For each vehicle, we purchase 1,000 lbs of carbon emission reductions every month. That’s like planting 90 trees each year*.

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Are You Ready to Take the Road Less Traveled?

At terrapass, we know you want to fight climate change. To do that, you need to reduce your carbon emissions. The problem is you still have to get in your car and drive places every day. What if you could get where you need to go without contributing to the world’s growing carbon dioxide (CO2) problem?

Offset Your Next Trip With Green Drive

Green Drive is our monthly carbon offset subscription plan which helps balance your car’s carbon emissions. We use verified carbon offsets that can help you balance over 1,100 miles of driving each month.

Slow Down Climate Change, Not Your Commute

For every mile you drive or ride in a vehicle powered by fossil fuels, CO2 gets released. Increasing CO2 contributes to climate change. Green Drive eliminates the same amount of CO2 your car produces by supporting emission reduction projects across North America.

Terrapass customers have supported projects like Arcata Sunnybrae Reforestation (CA), Big Smile Wind Farm (TX), Erie County Landfill Gas Capture (OH), and Sunny Knoll Farms Waste-to-Energy (NY)

How do carbon offsets work?
terrapass carbon offsets support emission reduction projects in communities around North America.  Every 1,000 lbs you purchase destroys greenhouse gases equivalent to 1,000 lbs of carbon dioxide, like not driving over 1,100 miles.

How to Enroll

Green Drive plans are just $4.99 per car/month. Enter the number of vehicles you would like to enroll under Quantity.

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Funds collected will be contributed to these projects. The offsets from these projects are registered under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) which assure transparency and quality in the creation, quantification, and verification of offset projects.

TerraPass Project Portfolio includes the following project types

landfill2Landfill Gas Capture
Landfill gas capture projects turn garbage into power. As organic waste breaks down it releases methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than CO2. According to the EPA landfills are the third largest source of methane emissions in the United States. Through the installation of gas collection and control systems, these projects not only result in the destruction of powerful green house gases, but the gas can also be burned in a generator to create renewable electricity.

farm2Farm Power
TerraPass works with farms in communities across the United States to make the best possible use of animal waste. Through the use of anaerobic digesters, methane is captured as the manure breaks down and is then destroyed when it is burned as a fuel to produce electricity. Additionally these digesters can also produce a variety of other products that help the farm and reduce environmental impact. The fibrous material can be separated, dried and used as bedding while the liquid effluent can be used as fertilizer. Anaerobic digestion also aids local communities by helping to reduce water pollution and odor associated with animal husbandry.

wind2Clean Energy from Wind Farms
Wind energy displaces electricity that is generated by dirty fossil fuels like gas and coal (the way that most power is currently generated in the United States). In this sense, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are avoided depends upon the “carbon profile” of the electricity grid where the energy is produced. The carbon profile of each regional grid is calculated periodically by the US Environmental Protection Agency by adding up the weighted average carbon dioxide emissions of all commercial energy sources on that regional grid.

coal2Abandoned Coal Mine Methane
Coal mines are a major source of methane emissions in the US, as methane gas naturally exists in coal beds and is released into the atmosphere through mine shafts. Methane escapes both from active mines and from abandoned mines that have reached the end of their useful life. TerraPass only supports methane capture projects at abandoned coal mines, as we seek avoid providing any benefit or incentive to companies involved in mining operations. Like other methane capture projects, powerful greenhouse gases are destroyed and can also be used to generate electricity, thus providing a “double” benefit.

Why not Subscribe?

Offset a little each month. Calculate your annual footprint and use our subscription service to offset a little each month.


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