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“Price gouging” and other fairy tales


This is good for a chuckle. While looking up some data on the EPA’s fuel economy web site, I stumbled across the following FAQ:

What can I do if I suspect a gas station is price gouging or price fixing?

If you believe there may be price-gouging or price-fixing, please contact your local authorities and fill out the Department of Energy’s Gas Price Watch Reporting Form.

Has the government also set up a page for reporting unicorn sightings? Maybe the Gas Price Watch form sends an email directly to Santa Claus. If you’re really good, magical elves will leave some cheap gas under your tree.

I’ve said this before, but: there’s no such thing as price gouging. Gas prices reflect supply and demand. If I were allowed to redesign the Gas Price Watch page, it would flood Congress with reminders that that gas is too cheap.

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