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More names please!

Last week, I told you that we are looking for a new name for our blog. A big “thank you” to everyone who has already submitted a suggestion (an even bigger “THANK YOU” to those who have submitted multiple suggestions). We’ve received over 160 name suggestions in total. But we want more!

Submit your new name now, and you could win a Trevor Baylis Eco Media MP3 Player or a TerraPass gift certificate.

Already submitted a name? No problem. You can submit as many suggestions as you want. There’s no numerical limit to your creativity.

Here are our style suggestions from last week:

> Let your creative juices flow. Your names can reference climate change and carbon directly, or they can be more on the poetic side. Incorporate our company name or leave it out. The only stylistic suggestion I’ll offer here is that, this being the web, shorter is often better. Suggestions longer than 25 letters are unlikely to get selected as finalists.

What are you waiting for? Submit your new name now!

The full rules are available in last week’s post.

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