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TerraPass can help your university meet its Presidential Climate Commitment through the use of renewable energy, as well as carbon offsets to address unavoidable emissions. We are experienced in helping universities and institutions implement “best practices” in sustainability as well as  accounting for and understanding the intricacies of measuring emissions.


TerraPass has worked with a broad range of universities in terms of scale and geography, ranging from smaller institutions like Macalester College to larger schools such as Duke.  Geographically, we’ve helped schools in every region, from western schools like Stanford and University of Alaska to northeastern and southeastern institutions like Yale and North Carolina State.


Custom emissions reduction and renewable energy projects provide an opportunity to showcase your university’s commitment to sustainability and to educate your community about climate change. Local or campus-based projects offer opportunities to integrate hands-on learning into your educational curriculum and to engage the student body at large in volunteer activities.  And whether it’s to mitigate the impact of a specific activity like a graduate school class trip or for ongoing activities like on-campus fuel consumption, emissions reduction projects are almost always an important part of reducing your institution’s carbon footprint.


TerraPass can help create a customized emission reduction project portfolio that meets the values and needs of your university or institution. Contact a business adviser today to learn more.


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