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TerraPass Carbon Management Services works with project developers to develop greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy projects in a variety of industries. We have extensive experience working with farms, landfills, and wind power installations and have flexibility in considering other types of projects.To begin, TerraPass helps owners and operators define changes they can make to reduce their emissions, to qualify their work for carbon crediting and to find markets for their renewable energy. Using proprietary modeling tools, we assess these activities against recognized third party carbon credit standards, and fund promising projects by contracting to purchase their renewable energy and carbon credits.

Our Carbon Management Services team has already contracted to fund over 2.5 million tons of reductions in the United States. Our funding makes these projects possible by easing the expense burden project developers bear, and improving the overall economics of developing an emission reduction project.We establish ongoing relationships with TerraPass project owners; we engage independent validators and verifiers, ensure compliance with relevant standards, and handle registration and issuance workloads on their behalf.  Our team of experts is ready to assist with guidance on everything from meter placement to obtaining loans to ribbon-cutting celebrations.TerraPass works with a variety of projects and project development partners in the United States and Canada. For more information on TerraPass Carbon Management Services, or to inquire about a project development partnership, please contact us using the form below.

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