TerraPass for business

How TerraPass helps businesses and organizations


TerraPass is good for business. Since 2005 TerraPass has been help organizations create value through comprehensive emissions reductions planning.  Measurement leads to stronger businesses. Knowing your organization’s carbon footprint is a key step in managing your resources. TerraPass can help you mitigate your carbon footprint in a variety of ways, from cost effective carbon offsets and RECs to developing a comprehensive renewable energy plan.



Analyzing your carbon footprint
At TerraPass we are experienced in measuring the carbon footprint of companies small and large. We’ll analyze your business’ carbon footprint using information you provide about your energy use, travel and commuting. You will then receive a report of your CO2 emissions from each area of your business, which in turn helps you identify ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
Why you should purchase offsets for your business
Committing to purchasing carbon offsets for your business creates the right internal incentive to reduce your footprint over time. Each year, the conservation and efficiency measures that you implement will lower your carbon footprint, requiring you to purchase fewer offsets.
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
In an ideal world, we would all have small wind farms next to our offices that generate exactly the amount of energy we need to power our operations. But let’s face it, that’s pretty tough to do. By purchasing RECs, your organization is supporting clean energy and displacing emissions associated with fossil fuel-powered electric generation.
Where your money goes
Your purchases support US based projects and the local communities in which they operate by creating jobs, economic stability and reduced pollution. Every reduction at every one of our projects gets verified by an accredited third party using the highest standards available.

Show your commitment
Beyond the great environmental benefit of buying renewable energy and/or funding verified reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, being a TerraPass partner is an excellent way to show your customers, employees and other stakeholders that your business is an environmental leader. Here’s how TerraPass will help you communicate this:

  1. You can proudly display your TerraPass Carbon Balanced Business Badge on your website and in your marketing materials. Learn more about the TerraPass partner badge program
  2. Your company will be listed with a customized profile page on the TerraPass website, including your logo, company description, and a link to your website.
  3. TerraPass will provide additional marketing and communications support to your team so that you can effectively communicate the great work that you are doing. This may include press release assistance and announcements on The TerraPass Footprint, our popular blog.
How much it costs
The cost of your TerraPass offset purchase is determined by the size of your business’ carbon footprint. Businesses of the same size can have very different carbon footprints for many reasons, most notably if there are variances in the amount of air travel. Calculating your company’s carbon footprint is the place to start.



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