Oracle San Francisco 2014 Carbon Offset Program

Oracle is making a financial commitment to offset 100% of carbon dioxide emissions from venue energy, ground shuttles, portable power generation, Oracle freight and event waste to landfill.They are  encouraging attendees to join them and offset their hotel stay and travel to and from the event by making a small contribution to their carbon offset fund.




Collectively, business travel by attendees is a sizable part of the total carbon footprint for a conference. Each attendee averages over 1,925 lbs of CO2e, by choosing to offset your travel you are joining Oracle in the fight against climate change and reducing the overall environmental impact of the conference.


What is a carbon offset?




What goes into an attendee’s carbon footprint?


The carbon footprint of event travel primarily consists of activities from three areas:



An in-person event like conferences requires a number of plane trips. A typical cross country flight emits about 2,145 lbs of CO2e.



Traveling 40 miles, to and from the airport or in a cab or shuttle bus around town, will emit about 40 lbs of CO2e.



Each night spent in a hotel creates about 65 lbs of CO2e from fossil fuel derived electricity.


Where your money goes


Carbon offset purchases support emissions reduction projects such as the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority and Scenic View Dairies. All of our projects meet the highest standards, are happening now and are located in communities across the United States. Learn more about our projects here.


Project Standards


A Sustainable Event


See what else is happening to lower the environmental impact of this conference, and what has been achieved so far in the 2013 Sustainable Event Report at