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Ninth project enters comment period

Four months ago, TerraPass became the first (and is still the only) carbon offset provider to invite the public to review projects before they are included in our portfolio. Now we offer up our ninth project for consideration, the Upper Rock Island County Landfill Gas to Energy facility.

This 3.95-megawatt gas-to-energy project at the landfill that serves communities in Rock Island County, Illinois reduces the amount of greenhouse gas (methane) that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The methane is destroyed predominantly by internal combustion engines to create clean energy, with an open flare as backup.

Check out the details and send our project team an email with your reactions.

As we approach double digit numbers of projects that have gone through the stakeholder comment period, we’re as jazzed as ever about the process. The march of progress in our industry is alive and well and we hope others will adopt this practice.

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