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New projects: coast to coast

The TerraPass project team is excited to bring you two more projects for public comment.

The New Beulah Landfill methane capture and control project in Dorchester County, MD is a brand new project which isn’t even under construction yet. New Beulah is one of the smallest landfills in Maryland, and TerraPass purchases would help fund the immediate installation of a landfill gas collection system and enclosed flare to destroy the methane. Though engineering estimates predict the landfill won’t generate enough gas to make electricity generation economic in the immediate future, the project developer is committed to installing generation capacity as soon as there’s enough gas to run one.

George DeRuyter and Sons Dairy is a relatively new digester project in the state of Washington. In November, 2006 a dairy digester replaced the open lagoon management system for the dairy’s manure, effectively destroying the methane generated by the manure while also producing both electricity and heat for on-farm use. Excess electricity is sent to the regional electricity grid.

If you’re interested, you can check out the project details for New Beulah or George DeRuyter and Sons, and send any comments or questions to . The comment period closes September 18th for New Beulah and September 12 for DeRuyter.

Also as a reminder, the comment period for LP Gill will close on Aug 21st.

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