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New Project: LP Gill Landfill gas-to-energy Project

The TerraPass project team is excited to bring you yet another project for public comment.

The L.P. Gill Landfill project is a beneficial use project that captures methane gas from the L.P. Gill Landfill and pipes it to a nearby ethanol plant. The project reduces the amount of methane that would have been released from a rural landfill serving a large part of northeast Nebraska and neighboring states. The methane is destroyed in a thermal oxidizer at the ethanol plant or in a backup flare at the landfill. We’re excited to support a positive use of waste gas, especially since the project directly uses the gas, a much more efficient process than electricity generation.

Please check out the project details and send any comments or questions to .

And don’t forget: the comment period on the Hilarides anaerobic digester project ends August 8th.

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