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Couple of new features on this blog:

  • Daily links. We’re using the social bookmarking service to keep track of what we’re reading online. These links get posted once a day to our blog, along with a bit of commentary. The reality of this site is that there are many topics we’d like to write on that we never find time to. The daily links will at least give interested readers a starting point for further investigation.
  • Ads. I suppose banner advertisements aren’t so much a feature as…a major annoyance! Here’s the part where I try to spin this positively for you, the reader. We sink a lot of time into this site and our newsletter as part of our educational mission. In fact, we’re unique among offset providers in this regard. It’s only natural for us to look for ways to make the blog support itself, and we’re going to be conducting a variety of experiments along those lines in the coming months.

Feedback is, of course, welcome, although we’ll probably be asking again in a few weeks, after you’ve had some time to soak in the awesomeness.

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