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More silver lining than cloud?

That sound you heard last week was environmentalists’ heads exploding all across the land as President Bush once again took the opportunity to punt on climate change before a crowd of world leaders. Look closely enough, though, and I think you can pull a fair amount of silver lining out of this latest fiasco.

Am I the only one sensing that we’ve reached end game on climate change obstructionism? I mean, it’s not as though the administration’s stance on this issue is anything new. What is new, though, is that the U.S. is now completely and utterly isolated, with even India and China reportedly favoring more stringent measures. Meanwhile, the states continue to march forward with regional initiatives. Schwarzenegger received a hero’s welcome at the UN a week ago Monday.

Yes, I would very much like to see rapid progress on a federal level before 2009. But I can’t have rapid progress, so instead I’ll settle for a global community that is increasingly united and energized by U.S. intransigence. More and more it feels as though the agenda is just completely running away from those seeking to block action.

Paradoxically, the last-gasp maneuvering from the administration only heightens my sense that change is coming soon and coming fast. What do you think: am I delusional? Or are we about to hit daybreak?

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