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Looking back, looking forward

Adam (Stein) and Tom co-wrote this post.

Looking back

It feels a bit funny to write retrospectively about 2007, because so many of the events of the year were really just a prelude to what’s coming next. We’re in the early part of a still-unfolding story. Nevertheless, here goes:

New products. Wedding launched in the spring, the green store arrived this fall, and we’ve got one more in the hopper that you’ll find out about shortly.

New people. You’ve met a number of them on the blog, including Erik, our new CEO. We’re up to — I think — sixteen now, from five at the beginning of the year.

New partners. Most recently, Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

New customers. We’re still waiting on a final tally, but we’ve roughly tripled the number of TerraPass members this year, and we’re now up to about 800 million lbs of CO2 reduced. Sweet. Also, we surveyed our customers and discovered they’re an admirably tree-hugging bunch.

Current events. Gore takes an Oscar and a Nobel. Bali ends on a mostly positive note, in a squeaker. The U.S. almost passes a good energy bill, and fails. The Midwestern states announce a regional greenhouse gas reduction plan. Several presidential candidates release highly impressive climate plans. Whew!

Looking forward

So now the fun stuff. What do we think the themes are for 2008?

More carbon reduced. Your TerraPass purchases are allowing us to take on more climate change fighting projects and arrange longer term contracts with project developers. For 2008, an expanded carbon team will deliver TerraPass customers the highest-quality projects, with more transparency and verification than ever. Our carbon team will also continue their work in national climate change policy, with an overarching goal of being a force for good in the developing carbon markets.

The TerraPass community is a force for change. Depending on how long you’ve been a TerraPass member, you may have felt a little lonely when you first put your TerraPass decal on your car or luggage tag on your favorite flight bag. With almost 100,000 TerraPasses sold today, loneliness should give way to a sense that something special is happening — that hundreds of thousands of people are taking action on climate change. For TerraPass, that’s a special thing and something we want to develop further in 2008. Whether it’s connecting with others on the blog, offering cool climate change fighting green products, or challenging our friends, families, and corporate and government leaders to push ahead on fighting climate change, we’d like to support what really makes TerraPass special — its customers.

Thanks for the continued support and happy new year!

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