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Looking ahead to 2007

A few weeks ago we looked back at 2006. Today we look ahead to 2007 and what the TerraPass community can achieve. Predictions are a mug’s game, so I’ll keep this short and to the point:

  • We plan to reach 100,000 members, and we hope to do so well before the year is out. That’s about 3 times the number of members we have today. We have no advertising budget to speak of, so really our growth is largely thanks to the word-of-mouth efforts of readers such as yourself. Please keep up the great work in 2007.
  • More ambitiously, we hope to reach and interact with one million people through new partners. The Expedia partnership has been an amazing opportunity for outreach and education, one we hope to duplicate.
  • Because we like big, round numbers, we also hope to reach one million tons of carbon offset.
  • We will dramatically improve our basic operations, particularly around shipping and customer service. Until you’ve worked in retail (I never had before TerraPass), you can’t really imagine how hard it is to get the simple stuff right. We know we can improve a lot, and we plan to.
  • We will listen even more closely to our customers. That includes some more formalized (and overdue) surveys, as well ask asking for your help in telling us what we’re doing right and what we’re not. Except any criticisms of our grammar. We’re done fighting that battle.

I guess you could summarize this as: we’re going to keep doing what we do, but more of it and better. As always, keep the feedback coming and feel free to drop your suggestions and/or praise in the comments to get us energized for the new year.

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